What does one square meter look like?

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Answered: Looking for a 25 x 20 square tablecloth

Lewana, go to any Walmart, type of store where they sell sheets and such. In the back they almost always have a section where they cut to ANY size, any material. You can have your 20x25 RECTANGULAR Square tablecloth. P.S. I have a table that is 25 inches by 45 inches, so I understand what you are ...

Answered: Convert 2500m to square meters

Hi Cvss, ----------- Meters is a measure of length / distance and square meters is a measure area..... There is no possible way to convert length to area !. 2,500 meters are 2.5 k"m..... that's all you can say (well, you can convert it to miles,.... or other measures of length / distance..... but ...

Answered: How to calculate concrete per square meter

calculation of concrete per squared metre

Answered: How big is this area in square meters

Hi Jayzee, The area is 4,200 square meters (60 * 70). Best regards,

Answered: What is meters squared plus meters?

Let us presume: (X*Y)+Z is a finite measurement. Remember the commutative law of mathematics. To illustrate: X=10M Y=10M Z=10M X*Y = 10^2M (100 SM). We have four operations: +-*/ XY*Z yeilds 10^3M. XY/Z yeilds the reciprocal: 10M XY-Z yeilds 9.0M^2 XY+Z yeilds 1.1M^2 Do not fear the laws of ...
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