what does nt mean in track and field?

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Answered: What does nwi mean in tracck and field

I've never heard that term be used before. In what context did you hear it? I'm curious!

Answered: What track and field athlete in history missed their event because they

I think this article is referring to your question. http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9C01E5DD133EF93BA35752C1A96E958260

Answered: Hi my 13 year Old daughter is extremely ...

If you want a guess, flip a coin. If you want a professional opinion, see a doctor who will take X-rays to find out if there is anything serious like a bone chip.

Answered: Track and field for kids in coral springs fl

Yes there is the Coral Springs Blazers track club that have kids from 6-18 years old.
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In the olympic track and field rails, what dose little q and big Q mean

the top two people in each qualifying heat automatically advance with a big Q, there are a few spots for the qualifiers based on time, they advance with a little q. that way if you run in a really fast heat, you can still advance if you dont come in first or second.

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