what does mon fils veut un ballon vert?

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Answered: What does mon fils veut un ballon vert in french mean?

My son wanted a green balloon . . . hope is correct

Answered: What are haricot vert?

French for green beans. Haricot meaning beans, and vert meaning green. They are longer than most of the American varieties, tender and complex flavor. In America they are usually called snap beans or string beans. Melinda ...

Answered: Where do helium filled balloons go?

I am quoting from a website called Fluther.com “First of all, only one hundred percent biodegradable latex balloons are used in mass releases. Research showed that these balloons degrade about as quickly as an oak leaf under similar conditions. But opponents argue that a balloon floating in the ...

Answered: Chick Fil A

What a pity that leftists are always so bitter, cold, evil, and worthless troublemakers. If it were not for leftists, there could be no child molesters, genocide, racism, and all else that leftists cause. Then they deny it as a chippy little insult but that is all part of ther leftist ...

Answered: Mon

Mighty fine question there, Joe.
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