What does MICROALBUMIN,UR,QN, DETECTION LIMIT <= 20 MG/L in urine test mean?

What does microalbumin,ur,qn, detection limit < ="20" l in urine test mean?/>

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Answered: How long after use can marijuana be detected on a urine test

Even a heavy pot smoker can pass a urine test after 4-6 weeks

Answered: Failed drug test due to my sexual partner taking vicodin?

Please prove what are you talking about... take initial home instant drug test before going to your final test http://www.testcountry.com/categories.html?cat=18&middle

Answered: Is there a detectable difference between adult urine and child's urine

just research for a screenplay, man. thanks for the advice though. so you are saying that (excluding being observed or getting caught somehow), that even the urine from a child of, say, 3 could be used? they dont see levels of pharamones or hormones or something? I thought they cold detect male ...

Answered: Can urine be tested for LSD or Magic Mushrooms yes or no? and what does

Not for LSD but yes for magic mushrooms the lsd test they have to take the test on by a spinal tap

Answered: How long does generic lorcet remain detectable in a urine drug test?

depending on how many you take it could be 72hrs or up weeks.

Answered: If I have smoked a cigar, but not inhaled it into my lungs, will the

Yes the nicotine is absorbed through glands in your mouth
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Can a drug testing lab detect if someone uses the ...

They aren't looking for the sex of the person submitting the test. If you are a male, just make sure that there is no blood in the sample and that she isn't pregnant. Other than that...don't worry. Just be careful if you are thinking of subbing. I have heard of randomly done observed tests. Not ...

Will my baby test positive for THC? I quit smoking ...

Huh....the placenta carries all the information they need. It tells them if & how much thc & nicotine you have ingested AT ALL while pregnant. Every placenta is inspected during afterbirth....trust me!!

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No, not the same

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how long can lortab be detecteded on a drug test