what does may not b supported by aol mean?

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Answered: Can one of my screen names open his own aol account?

Your screen names are tied to your one account. If you want to open another account with AOL choose a different screen name. To set up an account call AOL - 1 800 827 6364 I would think they would give you a temporary password. Sign on to AOL - Keyword - type - store password - Give temporary ...

Answered: Is AOL email service working right now? Technical support is closed until

Hi Cathleen: The AOL service is sometimes very busy and may experience temporary difficulties because of various factors, including network traffic, system issues, or maintenance. AOL appreciates your patience during such times when access may temporarily be unavailable. Please wait a few minutes ...

Answered: What does 9.5% fragmentation under disk optimizer mean?

9.5% fragmentation means that some of your files are not allocated in contiguous sectors, so it takes a little longer to load them when required. But you could have 100 fragments and it would take only 2 seconds longer. Defragmenting is advertised as a way to speed up your computer but I have never ...

Answered: Aol tech support number.?

Well it is 1-888-361-1687.Great Help.

Answered: What's the best aol answer?

There is no best answer. It is up to the poster of the question as to which is the best.

Answered: AOL Mail

Hi, You can use aol support third part company to solve your this issues instantly. I will prefer dialnfix247.com .
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Dose AOL SUpport XP

Yes, I believe so. What are you looking to do? Are you having problems with something? I'm happy to help!

What is AOL support phone number.?

This is the best number that i have came across 1-888-371-1687.Very helpful..!!

What does tanner mean

In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.

Why do I have to sign in everytime to get my aol mail

Because if you left your computer and any other used you computer then he/she can read your all mail so that you need to loging every time. http://dialnfix247.com/aol_support.html .