what does m stand for on james bond movies?

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Answered: James Bond

No special gadget was visible other than the secret compartments which housed Bond's Walther P99, and an emergency med kit which includes components of an emergency medical link to MI6 HQ, antidotes to various poisons and a small defibrillator.

Answered: A new James Bond movie

it is non other than SHILPA SHETTY

Answered: New James Bond coming out...

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Answered: Bond girls

umm that was halle barrie i think
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It was For Your Eyes Only with Roger Moore and the girl is Caroline Cossey but it was only discovered afterwards that she used to be Barry Cossey. She was not the official bond girl, only a girl Bond was with. The film credits called her girl at the pool. Shortly after the films was released in ...

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Quantum of Solace was a continuation of Casino Royale and Q was also not in that. Perhaps John Cleese was not available ( i thought he was great but i guess he was not Desmond Llewelyn). There were some gadgets in Quantum, his phone, his watch and theMI6 profile touchscreen which was amazing! In ...