what does large platelets and low platelet count mean?

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Answered: Does organo coffee cause low platelets

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Answered: I am 39 weeks pregnant and my platelets is 45, can i deliver with that

I take it that you mean 45,000. You will likely have excessive bleeding, but I would not consider this a contraindication to a normal vagina delivery. If you wind up with a C-section I am betting that the surgeon or anesthesiologist or both are going to want platelets available. Dr. Jay

Answered: Pay for platelets-need phone number

Im sorry I don't have an answer. I'm looking for the same answer as well...Andy

Answered: Increasing the level of blood platelets

I have been trying to find out also. I was wondering if coumadin would effect the platelets sense im on the medicine?

Answered: What if your white blood count and platelet count is low at the same

Low hemaglobin, hematocrit, and anemia, are nasty warning signs of these conditions: Panleukemia/leukemia, bone marrow suppression, recent severe blood loss (over 25%) toxic exposure or radiological exposure. The last is the least frequently encountered. Normal values are: Male. RBC 4.5-6.0 ...

Answered: Low platlet count.

classification of Thrombocytopenia Conditions Failed platelet production Diminished or absent megakaryocytes in marrow -Leukemia, aplastic anemia, paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (some patients), myelosuppressive drugs Diminished platelet production despite the presence of megakaryocytes in ...
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