what does kesa in urdu?

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Answered: My son is studying urdu.I am looking for popular titles translated in

emarkaz.com has many books,such as The Alchemist.

Answered: How i can develop web page in Urdu?

I use a free program called NVU to build web pages. I've used it to build right-to-left pages so I think you won't have a problem to build pages in Urdu with it.

Answered: Free SMS, funny sms, urdu sms, sardar sms, punjab sms, desi sms

i am a new internet user from saudi arabia and for mobile website i like http://www.digitalcorner.net which provides accurate mobile prices in saudi arabia in 3 different currencies (Saudi Riyal, Pak Rs and USD $) Mobile Prices in Saudi Arabia

Answered: How can I develop urdu web page using unicodes in Html?

how i can create website in urdu language

Answered: 8. Out of these languages, which is best to learn? Funnest to learn

There is no Chinese. China has many different languages. The most common ones are Mandarin and Cantonese. If you want to work in international business or import/ export these two will help you. Japanese is fun (did it for a year) but no one needs it because the Japanese are very educated, literate ...

Answered: Can you please let me know if johna osborn pass if so can you pleas let

Do you mean if he passed away? You can check obituaries.govdeathrecords.com.
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