what does karl pilkingtons girlfriend look like?

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Answered: Hello, I am looking for someone whose name is ...


Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate my description?

The shape of your face makes a difference. If it's too square or too thin, that's not as pretty as an oval. Your height and weight make a difference. You can be too fat or too thin; in your case, you might be too thin. I know some women who are just average in looks because they are too thin ...

Answered: I'm looking for a man name Murphy Dial from Anderson CA she 42

I found 13 people in Anderson CA with the last name Murphy.

Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate me by my description?

No picture here kid. Your a child, your growing, your not fully developed yet. Give it time. All the beauties and good-looking guys get worse as years go by and those who were just so so turn out great. Just be the best you can be, accept yourself and others will accept you.

Answered: Karl Marx - 142 years ago.

Yes a quote that was quoted here on Yedda prior to your quoting it. But what the hey. L
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Check your computer's browser history. The browser that you and your girlfriend use saves all the website addresses where a person goes online. Don't know what browser you use so you will have to find 'History'. Hopefully, your girlfriend wasn't smart enough to delete all the places she visited ...

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Give her space and time. Let her deal with her feelings first. It is important to let her know how you feel. But the time is not now. When she is ready to talk she will find you and when she does your first feeling would be relief and you will want to smooth things over but you must push that aside ...

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Hey, thanks you two. Its awsome to have help, yea we are working on it all so I think we are good so far. If I need more help I will ask you all, THANK YOU HEAPS!

Hot Karl's website

It appears the website was having some problems but Karl has fixed it and you can reach him at writerighthk@hotmail.com .