what does java plug-in 10.25.2 not installed properly mean?

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Answered: Java install problems

OOOPPPPPsssssssss........Sorry........I didn't finish.......If you don't see Java in your control panel, take a search of sun java....It is free, download it......... Again, Good Luck

Answered: What is this and how to make java work?

Java Not Found or Not Working Explanation: This error means Java (one of the technologies built into most browsers) is not working correctly on your browser. You must have Java installed on your computer in order to run Pogo games, and it must be functioning properly. Either you don't have Java ...

Answered: Iam using windows xp how to know which version of java is instaled and

You can go to this page . This is a page from Sun (the company that made Java) that will link you to a page which shows the exact version of Java installed as well as some other related information.

Answered: Find java version

Or, actually, try: System.out.println(System.getProperty("java.version"));

Answered: What does the week of sept 10, 2010 mean?

If mentioned in just that way, it would usually mean the calendar week which either begins with, or contains, that particular date. "My brother's 40th birthday is the week of September 10, 2010."
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