what does it mean when your face is red but white around the mouth area?

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Answered: How can you make an elegant red and white themed ...

Are you getting married? Or are you just asking questions about another one of those incessantly promoted "articles?" The key to keeping it nice is probably "less is more." Additionally, you don't have to go with 'Valentine red' and white. For instance, a darker shade of red coupled with cream is ...

Answered: What's the holly face means?

This is Buddy Holly

Answered: Red, scaly spots on face that come and go.

Try spotlessface anti spot cleanser. It works http://antispot.webs.com

Answered: What does the red circle with a white dash mean next to a buddy's

Hi Courtney: For assistance, please refer to the help article below. Basic symbols on your Buddy List

Answered: How can I get a couple of those red white& blue men ties?

It might be simpler to paint a larger "L" on your forehead.
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I'm a meat eater. I like both. In fact I had chicken for dinner tonight. Health is great, but my attitude is that so what if eating healthy lets you live longer, if you don't enjoy your life.

Red face flakey dry skin

while i am by no means a doctor, the symptoms u describe sound like a little known, rare disease called Rosacea - this disease causes redness and flaking of the skin on one's face. a good dermatologist should be able to help you...good luck


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