what does it mean when a guy cries over a girl?

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Does not smell very much at all in fact is sterile unless the lady has an infection.

Answered: Meaning of word assential

A hug is consequential If it's not consensual. The singular essential Is a word assentual.

Answered: Hey what do girls look at first in a guy

When they first see u probaly the hair but for me its if i see a guy sittin on a table or somethin talking and laughing with his friends it makes it seem like they r cool and funny also he has lots of friends so he is liked by many people! hope i helped :)

Answered: What does PSA mean

PSA (medical term) is a test for Prostate-Specific Antigen. A high number indicates probable prostate cancer. PSA (Airline) was Pacific Southwest Airlines, now part of US Airways. There's also another regional carrier named PSA, also part of US Airways.

Answered: Guy/Girl name or not?

Casey can be a girls name or a boys name...i have met a guy named casey and i have also met a girl named casey

Answered: Why do I cry, everytime I say goodbye, to my guy friend?

Thanks for the answers. I'm 30, and I do live by myself. Ya, it only happends with him. I really do care for him, and always want to be around him. I know I have feelings for the guy, but I don't really know if I love him, or not.
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Are guys honest with a girl, if they ask about their opinion of their

Hi Ann Most guys are not honest because they cannot win either way. If they say you need to lose weight, then you will get a complex and if they say you do not then you do not trust them. I have heard guys tell a girl to put on weight when she is too skinny as lots of guys prefer girls to be a ...

What does it mean when a guy calls a girl weak?

When a guy calls agirl weak, it is because the girl is showing lack of control in her emotions and a guy will sense this. To a male, it is unatrractive to see a girl in this state. They prefer to be with a girl or see a girl as being independent and in control of her life and her emotions ...

Is there something morally wrong when a pretty ...

no, and there is nothing morally wrong with an extremely demanding prenumptual agreement.

To guys/Gals

You'll know a guy is interested in you when he makes excuses to come see you.