what does high disk usage/host process for windows mean to me?

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Answered: What does 9.5% fragmentation under disk optimizer mean?

9.5% fragmentation means that some of your files are not allocated in contiguous sectors, so it takes a little longer to load them when required. But you could have 100 fragments and it would take only 2 seconds longer. Defragmenting is advertised as a way to speed up your computer but I have never ...

Answered: Process essay?

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Answered: Windows 8 Restore Disk?

Your suppose to create your own install DVD in All Programs. If your computer is in a bad way were this is not possible than go to the Asus web site and order the install DVD for Windows 8 You will need the serial number. Cost about $20.00 I did this for an eMachine Notebook. I wouldn't change ...

Answered: What does it mean when I get a pop-up saying 'high CP usage'?

High CPU usage means that the Central Processing Unit is working hard. Watching video is one possible cause. An anti-virus scan can also cause this. It is also possible that AOL can cause this after a few hours of watching video or slide shows. If the problem is AOL, you can exit AOL (not just ...

Answered: Windows or Linux Host?

In my point of view linux hosting is the best. Because it is a open source platform. So software installation and other process is very easy.Then linux hosting offer extreme security,price is also very low.So i have chosen linux hosting then i got linux web hosting plan from this site 9cubehosting ...
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How to clean high memory usage?

simply use task manger in windows.

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