what does he look like in heaven the song?

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Answered: Gospel song there will be no wheelchairs in heaven ...

No wheelchairs in Heaven Life isn't always easy Sitting in a wheelchair Sometimes I get discouraged And loaded down with care That's when I lean on Jesus To help me through the day For he gives me peace and comfort When trials come my way The Bible says there is a place That someday I will see ...

Answered: Songs from the 60

Nobody but me - The human beinz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Us1ASENPws&feature=related

Answered: Looking for song to download

Since you know the song name. it should not be so hard to find it. Search with MP3 Free Downloader . Good luck!

Answered: In heaven?

There is no proof that heaven exists. It's just a wish.

Answered: Song called Still in love with you, I heard it on ...

Are you sure it wasent still into you by the band parMore?
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Life in Heaven

No one really knows, but in the bible it says that we will leave our earth bodies, so we won't look the same. But we still might recognize them without seeing.

Old gospel song Jesus the Nazarene

I hope the gospel song give me the word.

Why will heaven have walls and gates

There will be walls and gates to keep those who have darkness in there hearts out. Also, i agree 100% with Asha and Tippy. God isn't going to let those who don't love him come into heaven to drag the rest of us down. People who don't love and follow God have someone else in their heart, and that ...

What is the name of the gospel song that has the words" sometimes I close

I know the song you are talking about, the poster Faith and all New Age gospel believers sing it all the time, it has the words "sometimes I close my eyes and think of heaven " knowing I'm not going" but believing it's not so. I think it's called, "New Age Stare way to Hell"