what does God want me to do?

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Answered: Is God absent minded? Could there be the cosmic ...

How sad and lonely is the leftist Muslim Atheist posters life. He post 20 hours a day and then posts on questions that nobody has been on in months and years. This is not what a normal person does.

Answered: Question about what God wants.

Whoever belongs to the world speaks like the world and thinks in a worldly way but the One who is sent by God speaks the words of God, his gift of the spirit is not rationed. Love is what I want not foolishness, knowledge of God not the words of man. Speak the truth,the to each other and let ...

Answered: How did John Stuart Mill respond to those critics who say utilitarianism

He call in an airstrike. Doesn't it suck when people don't want to do your homework for you?

Answered: How could an omnipotent God not even allow my body ...

My goodness, you do seem to be absolutely obsessed with me for some reason. Do you really believe Jesus approves of the way you misuse his name?

Answered: Visions of god

July 16, 1945

Answered: What do you think God looks like if you believe in Dios?

I don't know what Dios means, but I know that God looks something like a normal human being , b/c it says in the bible that when making us, God said, " Let us make man ( and woman) in our own image "
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