What does Friend or foe come from?

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Answered: Is Social Media Life Sciences Friend or Foe?

And I thot the expression was friend or enema. Let's try door #2, Monty.

Answered: Are we friends

You seem to lack any grasp of what "Friendship" is and seem to be unable to read who is your friend and who is not. You ARE "friends" in the limited sense of FACEBOOK if he has "liked" you there … but that's just internet superficiality; it does not mean much about real friendship. Sounds like he ...

Answered: George Fernandez Old Town, ME friend and friend

If you're looking for someone, pay a site and look him up yourself. I don't do it for free. Most of you that look for people, just pay someone, if it's difficult for you.

Answered: Friend or Foe?

Depuk. Friends are not toxic.....poison is. To often there are those on this planet that love the idea of having power over an individual at any cost. Hanging the phone up on an other's face is a show of power. Making an excuse to not being able to speak with you is another show of power. Your ...
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My friend doesn't want me talking to this guy who likes me because they

Your friend is a petty, jealous bitch. Now think about that. If this guy was hot on her, is he really good enough for you? I don't think so. Find someone who deserves you. And maybe some better friends.

Did i ruin a good friend ship

So now are you going to marry her?

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That helps narrow it down. Perhaps he will see your question and answer. Good luck!

Revenge on a not so much friend

"Vengeance is Mine, saith the Lord. I will repay . . .." Romans, 12. What did we learn from the short tempered and absolutely vindictive Muslims, who inflicted child suicide bombing and mindless hate worldwide to get drug money for Al Qaeda? We learned that cults of hate only cause bloodshed ...