what does f1 mean on whirlpool cabrio dryer?

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Answered: Why doesn t whirlpool stock split

Splitting a stock doesn't make it more valuable; a 2:1 split gives you twice as many shares, but they are only worth half what the old ones were. The stock exchange prefers stock prices between 10 and 100, but they don't require it. Some companies like Google have share prices over 800 but still do ...

Answered: If the interior bulb on my whirlpool dryer is blown will the dryer still

Certainly. The fact that the bulb is out will not effect the function of the dryer.

Answered: What is the present value of a 1992 30lb. stacked Maytag Commerical grade

Whatever they are giving for scrap. Laundry machines that old have had it.

Answered: What is the qualification to become F1 racer?

1)Have to have a human being with two hands,two legs,one head etc. 2) Speed colored blood in body. 3)Closed eyes with open vision.

Answered: Whirlpool dryers my dryer is not heating. It seems i have continuity

need more info but if is a gas dryer it may have a ceramic ignitor element that may have burnt up also there is a over temp switch small round 2 wires to it need more info to help

Answered: Dryer not working there is power

It is a fuse and or thermostat or heating element. Unplug the power cord. Take the back odd and check the fuse, thermostats (3 of them) and heating element with a ome meter. If they are good the needle will move to the right, if they are bad the needle won't move. Replace what is bad. ALL the ...
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It sounds like it's time to call the manufacturer to have a technician come out to your home and check what the problem is.

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