what does enoxaparin do to the clot?

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Answered: Blood clots

It's a 'stent', and usually they are used to prevent clots from forming; also, once you have one it is not so good to have it removed as there is more danger from the surgery than the stent! Hope this helps. Best wishes And God bless you. tbaker367@aol.com

Answered: Would a 6 or 7 inch laceration in a 7 year old girl have any clotting

Immediate clotting in a 6 or 7 inch laceration, not likely. Regardless of age, clotting would take several minutes unless it's extremely shallow. May I ask why you are asking this rather dumb question?

Answered: Do you treat brachial vein clot with anticoagulants.

My very limited experience with this goes back decades. Without invoking a Dr. G conslutation, I say no. But that does not seem to make a lot of sense. I would think that a big fresh clot in the brachial vein would have a reasonably high chance of breaking off and embolizing to the lungs.

Answered: What surgeries are higher risks for blood clots

Annette gave an excellent answer. I just wanted to add the following: Patients, such as diabetics, who have high blood-sugar levels before undergoing hip- or knee-replacement surgery, are at increased risk of developing potentially life-threatening blood clots after surgery.

Answered: How to recognize blood clots when taking coundim

Kathrine where do you expect to see these clots? The purpose of coumadin is to think the blood so that clots would not form in the heart, causing a heart attack of potential for stroke. You wouldn't see or know that you were having clotting in those cases other than by abnormal heart beats or ...

Answered: What is the difference btween a blood clot and a anyerisium?

A blood clot stops blood from flowing. If it happens in the brain, that is a stroke. An aneurysm is like a blown up balloon; it has thin walls, and can easily leak. If it happens in the brain, that is the other kind of stroke; the blood puts pressure on the brain. If an aneurysm ruptures in the ...
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If there was a blood clot in the brain how long before symptoms occur? i

Hi, It strongly depends on the clot's size and it's location therefor there is no specific answer (it can take seconds, minutes, or hours or even find it's way out without causing any damage / symptoms as well [if it was small enough]). Best regards,

What type of drugs are used for a person who has had a stroke with a

Deciding the type of drug used for a individual(s) with a stroke, via a blood clot on the brain may be best answered by the individual(s) M.D. Brain injuries &/or strokes vary with each person via such things as age, gender, type of stroke, etc. Check with the disabled one's M.D.

What is a natural cure that can prevent blood clotting?

Check the links below for some natural ways that can prevent blood clotting. http://www.helium.com/items/685139-natural-ways-to-prevent-blood-clots http://www.naturalcures.com/Natural-Cures/blood-clots.aspx

Causes of blood clots in a menstral period

It's sort of all blood clots, really. What happens is, your cervix, I think it is, anyway, your womb, builds up a layer of blood and tissue in order to prepare it for the implantation of the egg. When that doesn't happen, that lining shears off the walls and the body expels it. That's what a period ...