what does cornstarch do in baking?

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Answered: A recipe for cornstarch

Pretty difficult: http://www.starch.dk/isi/starch/tm18www-corn.htm

Answered: Kitchen helpers for baking

Good point! It seems to be a bit better now (text box is back to normal, perhaps I'll try a video or graphic soon), but I'm thinking "vast improvement" is the way to go! See you around the threads!

Answered: Can you substitute cornstarch for flour even in crumb toppings?

You are oh so right on all accounts. When I first saw this question, I woundered if it had been posted by someone with celiac disease. Jay

Answered: Cat pee scent from using baking soda and cornstarch natural deodorant?

The only thing that will positively break the stench of cat urine is hydrogen peroxide. 3% straight out of the bottle in a sprayer is strong enough (barely). Remove anything you didn't intend to bleach and spray it on hard surfaces counters, etc. It will instantly release a cloud of stench that ...

Answered: Do you like to bake? I am probably the world's ...

Well, you know how they say that every pregnancy is different and every woman's birth experiences are different? Of course, you realize that every child is her own person. I hope she follows her dream, and you sound like you are encouraging her. I am a mom of 4 daughters, and I'm happy to see that ...
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Baking double

None, they will both cooked the same as when you only cook one. The easiest way to check this is to cook them the allowed time and then just check them before you take them out, but generally speaking even when putting two in, instead of one there is no need to adjust the time or temp.

When baking a chocolate cake, is it possible to ...

yeah, im sure it will taste good as well as chocolate cake. :) good luck!

What is the best way to bake a potato?

Here From my research, here are some best baked potato themes. 1. Scrub with a brush to clean--but not too hard. 2. Rub with olive oil (or melted butter). Then roll with sea salt or garlic mixture. Here's a rock salt method too. 3. Potatoes really do blow up if you don't prick them with a fork ...

Can you bake 3 cakes in oven at same time

it depends on the sizes of the desired cake