what does cornstarch do in baking?

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Answered: A recipe for cornstarch

Pretty difficult: http://www.starch.dk/isi/starch/tm18www-corn.htm

Answered: Kitchen helpers for baking

Good point! It seems to be a bit better now (text box is back to normal, perhaps I'll try a video or graphic soon), but I'm thinking "vast improvement" is the way to go! See you around the threads!

Answered: Cat pee scent from using baking soda and cornstarch natural deodorant?

The only thing that will positively break the stench of cat urine is hydrogen peroxide. 3% straight out of the bottle in a sprayer is strong enough (barely). Remove anything you didn't intend to bleach and spray it on hard surfaces counters, etc. It will instantly release a cloud of stench that ...

Answered: Can you substitute cornstarch for flour even in crumb toppings?

You are oh so right on all accounts. When I first saw this question, I woundered if it had been posted by someone with celiac disease. Jay

Answered: Baking double

LOL!! Two 13X9 dishes will cook just as fast as one if you have a normal oven that is in good working condition. I'm guessing you don't cook very often.
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yeah, im sure it will taste good as well as chocolate cake. :) good luck!

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Here From my research, here are some best baked potato themes. 1. Scrub with a brush to clean--but not too hard. 2. Rub with olive oil (or melted butter). Then roll with sea salt or garlic mixture. Here's a rock salt method too. 3. Potatoes really do blow up if you don't prick them with a fork ...

Can you bake 3 cakes in oven at same time

it depends on the sizes of the desired cake