what does colin kaepernick tattoo say?

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Answered: Tattoo age with parental consent in nc and sc

In most states it's illegal to give someone under 18 a tattoo, parental consent or not.

Answered: When can you touch up tattoo?

This problem is very interesting, ha ha

Answered: It is unbelieveable that Colin Powell who has been ...

I was unaware that Colin Powell ever had a kind word for Obama. Numerous articles in the NY Times, Seattle PI, and Tacoma News Tribune, cited Powell as sharply critical of the tactics Obama has used in his campaign. Perhaps some leftist/racist twisted the truth enough to create such an incorrect ...

Answered: Is there any certain meaning to tribal tattoos?

There is no proper true information about tribal tattoo .Some people think that this is the first tattoo of earth.

Answered: My husband loves one of robbie williams' tattoos ...

That depends on which tattoo design your refering to. I do know that the tribal Maori tattoo he has on his arm can be found on Tattoo Fashion.

Answered: I have always heard of putting a&d ointment on new tattoos. well

i have quite a few tattoos and i have used desitin on most of mine
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How are tattoos done and how painful are they?

ink is injected or sewn under the top few layers of the skin, usually by a machine that pricks the skin at 300 beats a minute after the initial shock it gets number but can still hurt like hell especially close to the bone or near nerv clusters. acts like a severe sunburn for a couple weeks after.

Are there any tattoo sites out there that let you ...

You can browse Tattoo Designs on TattooWoo.com they have some free designs that you can save and you can browse all the thumbnails for free. However in order to view the full size images you will need to subscribe.

What do various religions say about getting a tattoo?

I do know that Jewish Law forbids it, but I do have, for many years. I also knew Hindus that had permanent ones, and it meant something.. Sweet G 6/8

Lower back tattoos for men???

He may add to the tattoo later creating a full backpiece perhaps. I am in the tattoo business and know of alot of guys who have had lower back tattoos, they are gay though... But have known some straight guys to have got the lower back tattoos but they did add to them later creating a tattoo that ...