what does clasped hands mean in sign language?

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Answered: Sign Language

HI Brandy! I am a deaf and I know the sign language. Its nice to hear when your wife took the course for sign language. Someday, She will meet deaf people to communicate with them. By the way, Deaf is in small world.

Answered: I was thinking about taking up a Sign Language class. Does anyone know

sign language is a little bit hard but it gets easier once u get the hang of it & start to pick up other sign languages & I do know be I'm myself is Deaf & I do use Sign Language so I do know & there is websites for sign language for any one who wants to learn it & also the community colleges that ...

Answered: Learning Sign Language?

Signing is more difficult if you have no one to sign with..it helps to have a partner..you can both use ear plugs to get the acutual mind set..and start by learning the alphabet and proper placement of the fingers..because placement can change a word to become another..there is a great book for ...

Answered: What language and meaning? va lis la ti da

la ti da is Italian for "gives you the..." va lis doesn't translate; as valis, it translates as the name Novalis.

Answered: Can babies really learn sign language? I tried a sign language class a

Absolutely!! Baby sign language is powerful way to help babies increase language abilities earlier than their little bodies can handle oral language skills. Babies naturally speak with their hands- reaching up to be picked up, waving hello and bye- it's amazing what they can learn. If you teach a ...

Answered: What software for learning American Sign Language ...

use www.handspeak.com on the web and it is free and it is true ASL
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I would love to learn American Sign Language and do know a little from

I would say the easy way to get the sign language is to go to Indian Sign Language. You will finda site you can get it for free. Wall-Mart or K-Mart might have something or will be able to order something for you. That's where Signin came from.Don't think it is that expensive. Hope this is a help ...

At what age can children learn sign language, or any other language?

Some parents begin teaching baby sign language at birth. Most parents begin teaching baby sign language at around 6 to 8 months of age. Practice is the key and a LOT of patience. It is easy to teach signs like teaching your baby to wave bye- bye to grandma and grandpa

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Check your internet connection. If it's DSL...unplug your box, wait 60 second and plug it back in. THEN reboot your computer. Good luck!

I want AOL to keep me signed in until I sign out!

Anyone could use your account! Signing in & out sure if you get the most recent updated information