What does Chris Davis have in his mouth when playing baseball?

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Has any one heard of the secret of the magic moon

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Excuse me. She only made five ridiculous left wing extremist posts in defense of leftist ceremonial flag burning to prove how disrespectful leftists are against America. What a pity that dfrogpong must once again fly off the handle with repeated illiterate cut and paste tirades to prove the ...

Answered: Who has the most consecutive times on base in major league baseball world

Billy Hatcher with nine in 1990, tied by David Ortiz in 2013.

Answered: What baseball team does brent bochy play for

Brent Bochy doesn't exist but Brett Bochy was a 2010 draft pick of the SF Giants and currently plays for AA Richmond.

Answered: High school baseball question

As I understand it, if the runner is trying for second and a throw goes out of play (maybe on a play at home), the runner gets the base (second) plus one more base (third). If the runner was trying for first, a right fielder might try to throw him out; if that throw goes out of play, the batter ...

Answered: Where can i purchase chris garza's necklace

you can ask HIM http://www.myspace.com/geetarza
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