What does broken glass or shattered glass mean in feng shui?

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Answered: Feng Shui Nuts?

I respect everyone's opinion here, but if you believe in physics then Feng Shui would share that believe, since it has been proven that everything is ENERGY and vibration of frequency, that is the basic Feng Shui principle, the use of that energy (chi) to our advantage by the placing of objects ...

Answered: Feng shui?

Wind water.

Answered: Sleeping disturbance- feng shui advice needed.

Do you really believe in Feng shui? Well if that's the case, you can buy a book about Feng Shui in some book store or chinese store.. modern bedroom furniture

Answered: Is there a feng shui cure I can install to help my son and his step-dad

It can be frustrating..when you can catch your breath type in Feng Shui in a search engine and see what you come up with.

Answered: What does a pearl string mean in feng shui

i dont know maybe its just a decoration
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