what does bobby brown think about nick gordon and his daughter dating?

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Answered: Want didn't Tony Blair and Gordon Brown get invited to the wedding?

I have heard that the queen didn't like Tony Blair Have to say I do think it is wrong that they weren't invited, especially if Thatcher and Major were. It's a little disrespectful toward the role they held. I'd say the same if Cameron was an ex-Prime Minister and others were invited and I despise ...

Answered: Bobby Flay How old is his daughter, and what is her name? Will we ever

i think she said shes going to the be on the food network soon...? haha im not sure ill ask her because she goes to my school. she's 14 annd her names sophie :)

Answered: Was "Lady MacBeth" Behind Obama's Snub Of Gordon Brown And The Brits?

Me thinks the Obamas don't like white folks. No matter what side of the ocean they are from...... Who could have guessed???!!!

Answered: Brown and Bush... what will they accomplish?

I believe they will do well together if you're a supporter of the goings on in the middle-east because it seems as if their goals coincide (Except for minor differences like Brown's suggestion of Afganistan as the forefront of the war [as Bush calls it] and Bush's insistence in Iraq). Now, whether ...

Answered: Obama's Pal Brown, About To Get Flushed From Office?

Both in your heading need to be flushed along with oodles more in our government. just saying.
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Do you think Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus are right for each other?Do

I think that no one should just put people together and hope that thay click it should be up to them. I think that if Nick and Miley are ment to be together then it will happen but thay are still to young to being thinking of that now so just leave it

Gordon Brown and Tony Blair

Thank you, Julio.

Obama and Brown Driven Together By Adversity

I like your previous order better, and I am sorry you felt the need to change it. I imagine it was a wrenching decision for you. Many people have been saying that the country is being pushed toward socialism, but I find I do not have a good feel for what they mean by the term, except that it ...

The Obama-Brown Plan In Trouble?

Hey drip' here is what the Russians plan is with Obama: What Do Russians Think Of Obama's Nuclear Reduction Plan ? While US scientists put forward the new doctrine of the Minimum Nuclear Deterrence (targeting missiles against Russia’s 12 key enterprises), Bigness.ru decided to draw a map ...