what does blowing in a dogs nose do?

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Answered: Why do Dogs gets irritated every time people blow ...

Hi C. Is this a real question? When your dog has his head out the window of your car, the wind is not going into his ear canal. And he's deciding himself if he wants the wind or not. If he doesn't like it when you do it, stop doing it. Don't do that, it's not nice. Have a great day, C The ...

Answered: Why is my coon hounds nose itchy

This question was viewed 35 times without an answer...I being the first and thinking it's a pretty good question will answer it as such.......There is a little girl that is so bored on the other side of town that she doesn't know what to do about herself. So rather pick on a human being, she is ...

Answered: Sometimes, my dog, Nikki, rubs her nose on the ...

Maybe some of it dropped infront of her dish and the scent is still there? Does she tolerate the food alright? No hives or anything like that? This is a new one. I've never heard of this behavior.

Answered: How loyal are rat terrier dogs?

There not as good as cats

Answered: Can i use sterile saline nasal mist in my dogs nose

I don't suggest using any human medication on your dog unless you have been told by a certified vet that it's ok. Good luck.

Answered: Dog Grooming

Hi Anil, here i have found a very interesting article on Dod grooming tips, just follow this link : http://www.wikihow.com/Groom-a-Dog I hope it will help you . All the best !! www.moooou.com
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How to read dog behavior ?

Dog behavior involves body language. Dog to dog, or dog to human, it's all body language. It has been said that dogs learned to bark and adapted some of their body language, as they became domesticated, in an attempt to communicate with us. Source(s): http://www.luckypet.com.au/

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