what does blowing in a dogs nose do?

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Answered: Which breeds of dogs are most likely to bite ?

Ones that are trained to do so and/or abused

Answered: Which one is your favorite dog breed ?

I love Papillons. With long-haired chihuahuas second.

Answered: Dog Food

I think three times a day is good. but you's better not feed too much for your dog.

Answered: What can a dog eat to thicken the blood

Why do you want your dog to get a blood clot?
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Why do Dogs gets irritated every time people blow ...

Hi C. Is this a real question? When your dog has his head out the window of your car, the wind is not going into his ear canal. And he's deciding himself if he wants the wind or not. If he doesn't like it when you do it, stop doing it. Don't do that, it's not nice. Have a great day, C The ...

Sometimes, my dog, Nikki, rubs her nose on the ...

Maybe some of it dropped infront of her dish and the scent is still there? Does she tolerate the food alright? No hives or anything like that? This is a new one. I've never heard of this behavior.

Dog'a Colored poop

The first thing that comes to mind is rat poison. I've heard that since the little blocks of poison are greenish, the first sign is colored poop. But then you have to take them to the vet asap to be able to save them, because if you wait for the bleeding symptom to start (it could take a week or ...

Where is my dog

Where is my dog Video, see comment