what does biology tell us about the family?

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Answered: Soviet biological warfare agents in America?

The leftist Soviet Union was a totalitarian power of abuse, greed, and hatemongering. It is not surprising that the Soviets were as devious with their abuse of their biological weapons as they were with their hot-headed propaganda. It is disappointing that leftists are so naïve that they actually ...

Answered: Why is biology called living environment, when did it change?

Maybe because biology is the study of life and where it lives?

Answered: My name is Linda. Should I divorce my family?

without your family u ain't even exist in this world

Answered: Need advice how to handle meddling family members

I recommend that you defenestrate them. 1. Find a window about two stories up. 2. Dig an appropriately deep cesspool beneath the window. 3. Drag the offending person upstairs by the lips. 4. Tell them what they did wrong. 5. Heave them out the window. Most of the time, meddlesome family ...

Answered: Contact with biological father

Hi yeah I think that if you want a relationship with him then go for it. And if you want to have some one there with you then tell your mother but if you think that you can do it by your self then go for it. See I'm still trying to find my real father cause he left when i was born so i never got ...

Answered: What rights do you have to a grandchild of a family member that disowns

None. Unless you have proof of abuse or something along those lines you are out of the picture. When the child grows and is of age then you can approach the child. I would suggest you continue to send cards on birthdays and holidays to the child, make copies of them, send gifts etc, keep ...
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What does it mean when your brother tells you to go kill yourself / does

Not knowing the situation between the two of you it's hard to say. He could be depressed or have emotional problems. But it's also just as likely that you are the one with the emotional problems. That's the problem when you ask a question without giving details. A non specific question always gets ...


We need to breathe in order to carry out various processes of the body the animals need energy to be used by the body cells. This energy is liberated by burning the food, i.e., oxidize food with oxygen through the process of cellular respiration. It was Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794) who reported ...

How to tell if your family disfunctable?

Rocmike's family is dysfunctional. The problem is they don't exist. It is one lonely insane poster pretending to be many people.

Type of Chromosomes in DNA

And, Hazal. You need to do some studying before you post anything more about this subject. There is identity between 22.5 of male and female chromosomes. The sex chromosomes, X and Y, are different. Females have XX and males, XY. The other 22 pair are the same.