what does benefit year set aside mean in WI unemployment?

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Answered: Wisconsin resident,72 years.old drawing social security,if laid off from

I didn't mean age had anything to do unemployment, I was wondering if being on social security had anything to do with being eligble for unemployment.I was told by someone that if you were on social security you couldn't get unemployment benefits.I really don't believe this but I thought I would see ...

Answered: How do you know if you won your appeal on unemployment benefits'

They tell you don't they? Call and ask about it, it's information you need.
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This question is too general. Please describe the behavior that was considered disqualifying. And where did this behavior occur?

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I can vouch for Equus. Be open with her. She will help or get you pointed in the right direction.

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On June 24th the U.S. Senate failed for the third time to act on extending unemployment benefits, which are currently set to expire in November. Although more than 1.2 million Americans will exhaust their unemployment benefits by the end of June, senators are struggling to reach a ...