what does BD-Bundle shingles mean?

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Answered: How many suares of shingles in bundle?

Why would you want to know standardization to bundle Herpes Zoster adult onset neuropathy (Shingles)? Isn't it bad enough that people suffer this disease without it being bundled? If you refer to 3-tab ROOFING, then one bundle covers 33.333 SF.

Answered: What does to inibate mean to a person?

I think he meant intubate, but if he can't spell it I ain't telling him what it means.

Answered: Shingles querey

Yes, they just told my mother (who just got shingles) that she could experience flare ups for the rest of her life. They didn't say anything to her about Valtrex though. I'll have to tell her to ask her doctor about it. She's really in a lot of pain.

Answered: 2001 cost of shingles

I think that they are up about $5.00/bundle.

Answered: How many shingles in a bundle

Depends..... Are they standard three tab (20Yr) or Dimensionals (anywhere from 25yr to 50+.... some claim "lifetime") The amount of shingles in a bundle depend on the thickness of the shingle. 3 bundles in a square for most 20 yr and 4 bundles in a square for 30 - 40 yr.... and I have seen some ...
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I know shingles is highly contagious, however the ones that have to worry about contracting shingles are ones that have not had chicken pox yet.

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