what does bachagalupe translate to english from italian?

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Answered: Is there an english translation for the Italian word cigilia

I didn't find cigilia. Ciglia means eyelashes. Vigilia means vigil or wake.

Answered: English translation

Santa Letter Of Jesus Christ

Answered: Italian to english

Hasta mi final in Spanish means to my final.

Answered: What does

It means 'keep this area clean'.

Answered: Translation into italian

"La bellezza è nell'anima e dovrebbe essere sempre lasciata libera. Dai uno sguardo ad un amore vero e puro che trovi solo dentro di me"
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Hi, I need help translating this into Italian ...

I tried using http://ets.freetranslation.com/ , and this is what I came up with: La sua musica è così bella! L'amo! Lei è molto dotato. I hope it's correct!!