what does ATC/L stand for in relation to physical therapy?

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Answered: Www.structural -therapy.com

Try http://structuralrelieftherapy.com/ This is the method I use. or you could be looking for a structural integrator also known as Rolfing.

Answered: therapy

Hormone replacement therapy Generic Levothroid helps in overcoming a thyroid hormonal imbalance

Answered: Need more therapy??

The home therapy recommended for your condition is laying on your back with your feet up on a large exercise ball. Roll the ball around with your heals or the soles of your feet. The reason is that the control muscle for the balance of your pelvis is attached at the front of the spine where your ...

Answered: Urgent need for good physical therapist

Look for someone who is trained in myofascial release. I just google myofascial and detroit and several came up) This is a new technique, very different from traditional PT. Very beneficial for most-

Answered: What is the difference between a restorative aide and a physical therapy

A restorative aide provide care to patients in a long term care facility where physical therapy is not provided.like a nursing home or skilled care facility.
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