What does assault on l/e,c/o,e/p,hwy wkr,and p?

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Answered: Assault-unclassified (FV/GC)

It is an assault- family violence charge. It is an assault which is committed against a person you are in a dating relationship with, or a family member. It can go from being a Class C misdemeanor all the way to being a felony depending on the severity of injury and whether he has been previously ...

Answered: Can not print e mails

The most probable reason is that your computer does not "recognize" your printer. Try to "define" your printer to your conputer.

Answered: Where can i find brand e cigs?

There are some reports of the cheaper "off brand" ones malfunctioning. Some malfunctions reported are just irritating, others could potentially be dangerous. Some of the cheaper ones wear out quickly, so you have to buy new ones.http://www.go-liquid.co.uk/Store/aspire-nautilus-airflow-bdc.html

Answered: E-mails

Hi, First you create G-mail account. Add your AOL account to G-mail account. Login you AOL Account and verify your G-mail account to access. Import your all contact from AOl account. After verification you can access your all AOL mail in G-mail Account.

Answered: Whats the long name for h2o

The accepted IUPAC names are water and oxidane. Other acceptable names are Hydrogen oxide, Dihydrogen monoxide, and Hydrogen monoxide.

Answered: What is the long name for h2o

Dihydrogen oxide. Because there are 2 H's, it is assigned the prefix di- and because there is only one oxygen, it is ended with -ide.
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