What does an implosive fracture indicate?

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Answered: Please let me know what is rectal implosion. i can't seem to find


Answered: Vidazar what indication or diagnosis?

If i recall correctly, it is an antiviral combination for an infection caused by specific virus.

Answered: BATA a stock market indicator?

I cant understand what you are asking about..I know like bata is a private company which has its own stock in the market...You will find out their stocks in the website.. rebates forex

Answered: I fractured (spiral fracture) my tibula July 4th. My doctor put me in a

which of the following contains visceral muscle?

Answered: Continuing training with Shin Stress fracture

You can permanently injure your shins to the point that just walking will be painful. You should really see your doctor to see how much damage you've already done. Good luck.

Answered: When you have a stress fracture does pain move around in your foot

A stress fracture will be located on a particular bone of the the foot, and the feet may even have multiple stress fractures. However the pain will not move position, although the pain may radiate out from the point of the fracture. For more information on stress fractures of the foot have a look at ...
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Wow, I'm sorry to hear about your flight. I personally had some success with acupuncture. You might try that.

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Hi, Impact test result indicate what is the ductility (or brittleness) of a material..... This is an important information: If you take a window glass, prepare a tensile specimen, and carry the tnsile test in a slow rate (as required) you'll find out that the glass is a relatively strong material ...

What is a fractured trochanter?

A trochanter is a knob at the top of the femur (at the hip) where a muscle attaches. In the elderly, fractures often result from a fall.

What is an lp fracture?

LP is most commonly used to mean lumbar puncture (not a fracture). There are articles about lumbar-pelvic (LP) instability. There is a locked plating (LP) treatment for fractures. There is also an LP (low profile) table used in treating hip fractures. LP might mean left posterior (part of the ...