what does aflac pay for a sprains?

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Answered: How can i pay for parking

You can pay your fees by cash or check if you use local place for park, can use credit card or online payment if you use the online booking as arunparking.co.uk for parking

Answered: A compnay wants to pay me to translate poor english into good english

Larry, most of these money making schemes make money for a scammer somewhere, not for you. If you want to check into this further, try this test. If they ask for money for a ''sign-up fee'' or something similar, it's a scam. If they simply send you some material to proof read, proof it and send ...

Answered: JE3 OINTMENT FOR SPRAINS where can i find it

If we didn't know the first 3 times you asked, what makes you think we'll know this time?

Answered: Keep increase in pay to yourself

Common sense, Tadpole. Don't tell ANYONE what you are worth. That's about five cents an hour..............

Answered: Sprained ankle

Make sure that you attend physical therapy to regain strength, range of motion, and balance.

Answered: Sprained my ankle 2 months ago. MRI yesterday showed avulsion fragment

Hi Sue, didn't the doctor explain at least part of it to you, when you got the MRI done? It's pretty strange that he wouldn't.. But regardless, here's a quick breakdown: "In contrast, chronic avulsion injuries are the result of repetitive microtrauma or overuse and usually occur during ...
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If he did give the pooch an antibiotic, it was most likely to keep any infection from forming.. Although, if you're dog only sprained it's shoulder, it probably didn't break skin, so I'm not sure. I'm glad they were able to give it some meds though, to cut down on the pain. It'll probably be a ...

Finding out about vacation pay

How salaries and other compensations are paid is pretty much up to the employers. The government is only interested in getting their withholdings and does little to mandate how wages are dispensed.

Trying to complete the enrollmentservices@aflac.com after finishing an

Hi arwood92241 , I'm sorry that you're having an unpleasant Aflac experience. Please email us at aflacservice@aflac.com so we can assist you. Also Aflac has established corporate privacy procedures in an effort to protect your identity and policy/claim information. Therefore, if you are a ...