what does aflac pay for a root canal?

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Answered: Checking to see If I need root canal?

I had a root canal on molar it failed same day was told to get pulled Ihave to wait ten days is that o. k. on antibiotics

Answered: Root canal

Root Canal is when your nerve in your tooth dies...it could be becuase you got hit by something and your nerve shattered or otherwise. They have to drill a hole in your tooth, remove the nerve, fill your tooth with medication..patch it up, soon you'll have to go back for a re-visit for a 2nd ...

Answered: Pain 6 months after root canal

When a root canal continues to hurt, it usually means all of the pulp was not removed and there is an infection. It may have to be redone. Unless it is a new problem the dentist will cover the cost of fixing the problem You can write to me at localanesthetics@yahoo.ca cs33ca M.Sc. PharmD. www ...

Answered: Retreatment of root canal even when no pain

However, it is true that dentist are money sucking leeches that like to take you for everything you have. I've been to several dentist and I must say that generally only care about money.

Answered: I have been sick with my tooth need a root canal ...

It sounds like you have been having a rough time with this, Sharon. I hope they do the work soon! T3`s wouldn`t get rid of my headache!....if you are in pain, call him and tell him that you need some vicodin or hydrocodone! No sense being in pain if you dont have to be. I hope you feel better ...

Answered: Put on medication after root canal

More than 5 years do not need antibiotic.
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