what does a township auditor do?

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Answered: Does Clinton 2 township Wanye county Pa have a web site?

Thank you, Joey boy, I tried that and they said to ask the Town Supervisors. They said that that they could not remember the Web address, i am dealing with the Keystone Cops LOL.

Answered: Sections in wall township

What city and state are you asking about?

Answered: Has anyone heard about the girl who died in winslow township, new jersey

Didn't hear about the girl, has to be more than meets the eye. Need to have more details, where can I get them? Jon

Answered: Permit needed for 8 X 8 shed in Dreher township PA?

Most local codes do not require a permit if the shed is under 100 Sq Ft. I would - as JoeyBoy suggests - you check with your local building codes. You may find that you have 'set back' requirement for your codes. In other words you may be restricted on how close you can erect your shed to another's ...

Answered: Differences between township and city

Are you saying that they don't have grafitee in small towns? because I think we all know better.

Answered: Where to buy a flute in Lockport Township, Michigan? how to get to

call Schmidt Music at 1-866-797-4560 ask for Cheryl
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