what does a thumper do on moonshine still?

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Answered: Moonshine

I like the Swedish method of infusion. Basically, you add fruits or berries or herbs to the liquid and store for 6 months to a year, then strain it. The liquor takes on the flavor of whatever it has been infused with.

Answered: Where can i buy moonshine

You should be aware of the fact that much moonshine contains unacceptably high levels of lead: http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/InTheNews/Etc/1056399981.html

Answered: Why doesn't the buffoon TrueIowan get over to Avon ...

Leave it to a whackjob like TrueIowan to thump a Bible and decide what is a REAL Church and who is going to Heaven. What a piece of crap he is.

Answered: What's Thumpers girlfriend's name on the movie Bambi?

No, Flower was the skunk. I remember this because he said that no one had called him a Flower before. Here Check this out. http://lcw1980.tripod.com/bambi2.html

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Jameslee102447, Njoy and Faith deserve nothing but ridicule and contempt.
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What soda can you mix with moonshine?

Seven-Up;sprite;mountain dew

What soda can you mix with moonshine?

Seven-Up;sprite;mountain dew

Who were the people that chased the moonshiners?

G-men, G-men, revenuers, too, searching for the place where he made his brew. Jay