What does a sexual assault offence mean?

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Answered: Victims rights

What kind of monetary value do you place on, or expect to get/want from the child's sexual assault? Money will not help the situation. Emotional help will. And, making sure that the assailant is put away for a long time so as not to hurt again. Contact the child protective service in your area ...

Answered: How do I know if I were a victim of sexual assault as a child?

If you refused and your partner insisted, then you are already a victim. If you can't handle this on your own, you should contact a competent sexual harassment lawyer .

Answered: Sexual assault

It is sexual harassment so he can sue, but be sure he could lose his job one way or another. Some companies (not legally) will find a way to be sure your job is gone, either eliminated or by harassment that cannot be proven. At least this is a possibility as is retribution by coworkers.

Answered: What is a positive rape kit?

I am so sorry to hear this. I hope that you are able to put him away. Sending you my best wishes.

Answered: Assault-unclassified (FV/GC)

It is an assault- family violence charge. It is an assault which is committed against a person you are in a dating relationship with, or a family member. It can go from being a Class C misdemeanor all the way to being a felony depending on the severity of injury and whether he has been previously ...
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