what does a pump drain look like on a kenmore elite washer?

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Answered: My kenmore dish washer leaves a film on the glasses after a wash.the load

This is a fairly common problem. There are dishwasher products available that are supposed to help, like Jet Dry. Some detergents come with clean rinse product within the formula. Or click below to see a DIY suggestion: http://www.ehow.com/how_2118515_remove-dishwasher-film.html Note that it ...

Answered: Why would my washer suddenly stop draining ...

Two possible reasons. 1: The drain line is too small for most newer washers to drain properly. Older plumbing had 1 1/2 inch drain lines, which at the time were OK for older washers to drain into. Newer Washer pumps deliver more water to the drains. For washer hook-up with today's codes, require a ...

Answered: Pump Pneumatic

The basic Trabon Pump Pneumatic operates at 40 to 150 psi (3 to 10 bar) air pressure, has a displacement and output of 0.030 cubic inches (0.491 cm3) or .010 – .030 (.160 -.491cm3) per stroke. For more info visit : http://www.fdjohnson.com/

Answered: Notched washers

The New Z www.Z108.net

Answered: It wont drain or spin.

GEM- Front loader- look for screws in the back. Top loader- you will probably have to tip the machine over. You could pull the top. Most have retention clips that just pop open, but that would not allow you to see the motor and belt. JayR

Answered: Can I use the Hot Water Recirculation pump to drain my hot water tank?

you can, but why? you are then draining the entire hot water system.(unless that's what you want to do). your better off, shutting off the cold inlet valve to the water heater, shut off the recirc line valve, shut off the outlet valve ( if one is installed) open the drain valve and loosen a di ...
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