what does a paper clip next to my sent text message mean?

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Answered: What does text symbol W mean?

In proofreading, WW means wrong word. Wdy means wordy. In texting, W can mean with. W8 is wait.

Answered: How to do text message marketing service?

Mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device, such as a smart phone. This marketing is commonly used by SMS marketing by sms companies such as Experttexting.com

Answered: Send text message from aol

Yes, you can. From AOL software you can send as mail using a 10-digit number (no dashes or spaces). Or you can Send Instant Message. You can use menu Community, Send Instant Message, click on the link for cell phone to get the AOL help screens that explain.

Answered: Is text message marketing an effective form of marketing or merely

Hi Freckles_2010, Text marketing is great if you know what you are doing - 95% of marketers are yet to achieve a satisfactory level of ROI from their campaign because they are still learning how to use text marketing. For the biggest bang from your marketing dollar... use only tested and proven ...

Answered: Text

the written word, like a textbook. You can also write and send messages on a phone.

Answered: Texting May Hurt Teens

At best texting is a mixed blessing but only if you are not driving a car simultaneously. Also, like a lot of things, anything done in excess can be addictive. So, keep in mind that everything should be done in moderation.
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What does ..{: mean in a text?

..{: (smiling and drooling).

I sent my boyfriend a few text messages and his ...

Girlygirl, being mentally disadvantaged and technologly challenged I must confess I knoweth not. I DO know I've received message alerts 2-3 days after they were sent. And so have some friends. And our phones were working properly when we had the delays.

Text messaging

381 means 3wurds 8letters n 1meanin I luv yhoo