What does a Heisman trophy winner get?

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Answered: What college has most Heisman Trophy winners?

USC and Notre Dame have 7 each Ohio State has 6 Archie Griffin won twice Trophy and Awards | Plaques New York | Sports Awards

Answered: Is the Heisman Trophy a statue of a real player?

yes, Edward Smith was posed for the Heisman Trophy with the iconic straight arm. Trophies And Awards | Sports Trophies

Answered: Who will be the 2010 Heisman winner?

Cam Newton. I know it's a lucky guess. LOL

Answered: Who will win the Heisman?

Well duh Tebow. He's the best.

Answered: Is Tim Tebow the best player in college football?

I watch Florida play just to see Tebow. He might not have the most TD's or yardage, but he is the best all around football player in America. He can do it all. He could play RB, FB, TE, LB, etc. A player like him comes along about every 20 years.....or he might be the greatest all around player in ...

Answered: Who deserves the Heisman Trophy most and why?

I think Tim Tebow deserved it and I'm really happy he won. I think it's so cool that a Sophmore can win and that he did!
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