what does a coordinator of a cherrleader do?

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Answered: What kind of a work can a coordinator has in a private collage.

Talk to the private school. I'm sure if you told them this, they'd guide you in the appropriate manner.

Answered: In photoshop, is there a way to extract the coordinates (x/y) of elements

yes. it is possible. please visit http://www.graphicsdistrict.com where you can find out exactly how you can do it.

Answered: Which sport requires the most strength, coordination and talent?

I'm torn between gymnastics and karate. Both require strength, coordination and talent.

Answered: What are the coordinates of the point labeled A

You won't get an answer without a diagram that shows point A.

Answered: What are the coordinates of the point labeled A?

The coordinates are 3,pink,dog. If you don't like that then invent your own coordinate system.
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How to be an Offensive line coordinator?

know your football......and get hands on training.....start small and think BIG!!!!

Define coordination

noun1 the process or state of coordinating or being coordinated.• the organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively : both countries agreed to intensify efforts at economic policy coordination.• cooperative effort resulting in ...

How can I find a social media coordinator?

In social media management it doesn't really mean that you need a coordinator as it is more meaningful to your prospect customers .