what does a blue tongue for a dog mean?

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Answered: Recall blue buffalo dog food Why?

Toxic levels of vitamin D

Answered: Stabbing in my tongue

Hi, SKM. It looks like we have gone from MS to cancer. Sounds bad for the home team.

Answered: Dog waste removal service

Psychotic Extraneous Thinkers Association?

Answered: What is the meaning of the word dog?

There are several meanings for the word dog. The noun refers to a hairy mammal that barks and has teeth. As a verb it means to fasten (dog the hatch) or to follow closely (dog his footsteps). Informal use can refer to the feet (my barking dogs) or to an unattractive woman or a worthless person.

Answered: What causes burning tongue syndrome?

Speak for yourself. I know- Eric tricked his other twin brother into eating some of these. If we only could have tied up Vespa, Saint George would have certainy appeared.
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