what does a 501c3 look like?

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Answered: Free preparation of 501c3

Only if they really, really like you. I have a friend that run an inner city ministry and I have seen this form.

Answered: 501(c)(3) application assistance

I'm from Jackson, TN and I'm trying to find information on where I can get a 501(c)(3) application so that I can start the non profit process.

Answered: Help! I'm not a 501 c3 & would like to know what grants i would be

Why are you not a 501c3? If you think it is too hard to get one, find an attorney to do this pro bono (free) for you. You will need to write a constitution and bylaws yourself. My suggestion is to obtain the documents from another organization like yours and just recreate the documents. As other ...

Answered: Who can a 501 c3 give to?

A non-profit organization under 501(c)3 can not give to political campaigns. Nor can it give to individuals specified by the donor; you can't use a non-profit to make a tax-deductible gift to a relative. A 501(c)3 non-profit must be organized and operated exclusively for religious, educational ...

Answered: Can you transfer 501 (c) (3) to another ...

No, it cannot be transferred. Each 501(c)3 must make it's own application to the IRS.
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I am from a 501(c)3 Non For Profit Charity called ...

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For a California non profit 501c3, is liability insurance REQUIRED?

I don't think it is required, but I don't know much about california regulations so the best thing would go and check with the government offices. But I sure would suggest a liability insurance - you will be very glad you have it if something goes wrong. Best of luck to you!

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How do I find out if a church has 501c3 status

If the Church has such status, then it would have to follow certain rules or laws. One law would be that they would have to have a secretary . The secretary should be able to answer this question and show documentation. If the secretary does not know, then the secretary should direct you to the ...