what does a 2003 buick century look like?

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Answered: 2009 Buick Century

I am not sure but the voltage should be around .50 at closed.

Answered: How much would it cost for a 2003 Buick Century Fronts and Back Brakes to

There are a few different packages you can go with as to grade of materials and if extra work is necessary because you went to far and part needs replacing. Just call a couple places in town that have a good reputation and compare prices, where you live could be different from where I live.

Answered: Yellow Looking Engine Light

its a service engine light it telling u u need to have it scaned something is wrong and its just warning u

Answered: Century stoneware

I have a complete set service for four of Happy Day century stoneware. I completely forgot I had it until I was clearing out my basement. I think it is in original box. Phyllis
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You can as long as the overall tire height is the same as the cars original tires. You will be looking for a lower profile tire ( lets say 195-55-18 tires). The 55 is the side wall height as a % of the tires tread width. The stock tiers are something like 195-75 15 were the side walls are 75% of ...

How to reset engine check light on 2003 expedition

Go to an auto parts store like Auto Palace. The usually read the codes for you and can reset the light. But, unless you correct the problem it is likely to reoccur.

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Yes, I really love this car. It's so smooth running and rides like a dream. I have had it since it was two years old and do all the work on it my self. Some of the parts are getting scarce now and the power window switches are one item that seems to be disappearing fast. I have checked with ...

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This web page has the information you are looking for.