what does 35mm film look like?

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Answered: Which film would be be

It depends on the lighting in the concert hall, but I doubt it that even ISO 400 will suffice (I assume flash is not allowed). I would go for ISO 800 at least, take the "fastest" lens I have (i.e. the one with the widest aperture - smallest 'f' number), and hope that there's enough light. Take into ...

Answered: Olympus 35mm cameras how do i change date & time o n the infinity

Joann, Hello. You should be able to go to the menu button and find something like time/date or change settings. After that, just follow the instructions, Rich Franco

Answered: Well i have a 35mm camara its a pentax k1ooo se ...

It could also be a scratch on your lens. Try using a different lens and see if you still get the line on the developed pictures. If you don't, then the lens probably has a scratch (you could also look at the lens itself and maybe see. Good luck.

Answered: Hello, I am looking for someone whose name is ...


Answered: I have a lenghth of film in 35mm that is a scene ...

I wouldnt think it had any value. What would you give for it?
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Does anyone recommend me purchase BOPP film products?

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Can I get 35mm film developed after December 30

Only Kodak's Kodachrome will no longer be developed after December 30, 2010. Other 35mm film can still be developed.

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