what does 300 mean in slang?

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Answered: What does "I've got a big fat monkey" mean?

The reason the monkey is pointing at his butt is because that's the last word in the phrase. Suggesting that someone has a big, fat monkey butt is not very complimentary. I would be hurt if someone gave me a shirt that said that. Perhaps you shouldn't buy things that you don't understand.

Answered: What is the meaning of "clam-faced"?

According to this site , it's an ugly person, especially one whose face resembles a large vagina.

Answered: What does "as it comes up" mean?

It might mean "in the order of the agenda", meaning that questions on science are not welcome during the history section of the agenda, but only when science comes up.

Answered: What is the slang term for the drug "Tom"

Tom sounds like the slang word.

Answered: What does tanner mean

In British usage, a tanner was a sixpence, and a bob was a shilling.

Answered: Are people who talk slang dumb?

You can disregard their remarks there is no truth in them what so ever. These are bias remarks.
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Wesside meaning

Well, according to the Urban Dictionary: "A perversion of the phrase West Side . This pronounciation is often used by white people in conjunction with a brandishing of their hand with the middle and ring fingers crossed, forming a W shape." I'm imagining it's a derogatory word for posseurs who ...

What does it mean when you are diagnosed with leukemia without mention of

I am very sorry about this. I would suggest that you speak to your doctor. Ask about his plan to treat you. It may give you hope and reassurance to hear what the plan is.

What is the real definition of Zig Zig...I know it is vulgar, but don't

all i know is to change directions at sharp angles. if it is the real def, like you asked but if it is a current slang term then i don't know.

What is the meaninig of the slang phrase "ding ...

I don't know what you are refering to. I didn't use slang. I'm only asking for help.