what does 14k g. f. b?

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Answered: What does O.B.14K mean on jewelry? This is on a solitaire engagement

It stands for Ostby & Barton. Ostby was among the 1,500 people who lost their lives on the Titanic. Google it.

Answered: What is the price of a nickel size piece of 14k gold as of 02/03/12?

By the way>>14k has a weight..and a nickel also does..(sigh)

Answered: B f goodrich tires came on my 2004 Chevy ...

You have two options. Take them to the Goodrich dealer and ask what they will do for you, or go buy another brand you feel you will be satisfied with.

Answered: What is a good online website for wholesale gold jewelry? I am a seller

Many Online Websites are using the Term Wholesale when clearly their prices are not. If you are a store and you are looking for Direct low prices you should try looking for Jewelry Casters and Manufacturers. Also look for Jewelry Designers then you know you are getting it right for the ...

Answered: Are most women f--ed up for life due to women's ...

To tell the truth, he consulted with Stevie Wonder on the last one in question.

Answered: Email from GMAIL to AOL bounces with "554 CON:B1"

I have the same problem. Time to switch email providers, especially since there is no such thing as an answer from AOL, let alone HELP.
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Who makes 14k gold nail bracelet for men

Well, I know one online sho0p they do this for customers: http://www.elenspearl.com/

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I would recommend you to Silver Gold into Cash for purchasing or selling gold jewellery.

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