what does 1099 look like?

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Answered: Hello, I am looking for someone whose name is ...


Answered: What to do when i was 1099 by someone i didnt work for ?

Send it to IRS with a letter stating that you didn't work for them, they might be trying to hide money they took and don't expect you to know or else someone else used your name. It takes years sometimes to clear it and they keep adding late fees on you.

Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate my description?

The shape of your face makes a difference. If it's too square or too thin, that's not as pretty as an oval. Your height and weight make a difference. You can be too fat or too thin; in your case, you might be too thin. I know some women who are just average in looks because they are too thin ...

Answered: I'm looking for a man name Murphy Dial from Anderson CA she 42

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Answered: I am insecure about how I look, rate me by my description?

No picture here kid. Your a child, your growing, your not fully developed yet. Give it time. All the beauties and good-looking guys get worse as years go by and those who were just so so turn out great. Just be the best you can be, accept yourself and others will accept you.

Answered: 1099-misc and fishing tournaments.

A 1099 form you simply turn in with your normal tax return as added income, don't worry there will be no taxes due on it, just keep your receipts or total them up and give your accountant the total. To bad you did'nt win the Wal-Mart/FLW 1 million dollar tournament .
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What makes an employee 1099?

Employees are frequently misclassified as independent contractors. The IRS and the state labor depts. Take a dim view of this. If the person you're working for controls how much you get paid, the hours you work, how you do your job, etc. you are an employee. It all boils down to control. The ...

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Unfotunately, there is no quick answer to this. First things first: If you were given a 1099-MISC, that says you ARE self-employed. If you performed services as a non-employee, you ARE your own business. Many questions should be answered about the nature of the income that generated the 1099-MISC ...