what do you understand by the word confidentiality?

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Answered: How do I get Letter Garden to accept objectionable words?

Letter Garden allows me to use objectionable words without having to do anything. It has always allowed them.

Answered: Sophia is why Wisdom is a 'living word'?

Ol' Yeddar, not sure what the question is, perhaps it was worded incorrectly. However, sophia, transliterated from Greek to English, mean wisdom.

Answered: Where did the colonial word Venturi

During olden day, a short piece of narrow tube between wider sections for measuring flow rate or exerting suction is Venturi.

Answered: What words begin and end with the same letter

aha bob colic dad ease fluff gang health illuminati kick legal mom nun oho pop roar sis tot ulu vav wow xerox yay

Answered: How do you know that the "Confidentiality Agreement" was breached?

I'm so sorry, but you have reached this site in error. This is AOL Answers. If you have questions for the author of this article, you should ask him or her directly. If you're having trouble, please contact Article Alley for further information. Thank you.

Answered: Why won't she believe I'm sincere?

I found a quick fix. I'm don't consider myself a drug addict, but I give myself daily injections of diladuid, sniff oxycodone, and eat zanex like popcorn. It's the only way I can keep this woman supressed from my mind. I'm on the web about12 to 18 hours a day. Most people won't admitt it but a shot ...
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Why cvv number is very confidential

If someone has the number, they can steal it. The number is there to protect you, as an anti-fraud security feauture. http://www.expertsoncredit.com

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