What do you think Ruggiero means by “creativity is an expression of mental health”?

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Answered: Were do i go for mental health

Obamacare would have REQUIRED mental health "counseling" to get rid of all rational persons as rational persons do not scream, "Turn on, burn down, and blow up" as leftists do. Such is the insane racism of all leftists, and that is why only leftists support Obama -- because Obama's vocablary ...

Answered: Health

The two most virulent are spending time here and reading your posts. The other one is the one that you have recently contracted.

Answered: Health

tell them my friend i really care about you and you could be a better person and i would like you to see that way.would you like to help you.

Answered: Do mental disabilities such as PTSD affect the court's sentnecing

Johnny James knows nothing about PTSD. Suffice that the mental health professionals to whom juvenile offenders are referred while in custody do lengthy and convincing psychiatric evaluations. That will tell the judge what sort of person he is dealing with and what to do next.

Answered: Mental Exercises and Alzheimer's

I have read not scientic studies that mental excercise slow down the progression of Alzheimer progression.
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Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that makes it hard to Tell the difference between what is real and not real, Schizophrenia is a complex illness. Mental health experts are not sure what causes it. Bipolar disorder , which used to be called manic depression, involves both periods of feeling low ...

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And please explain how a 12 year old has an accessible profile.

What are the skills necessary to practice mediation in mental health

Mediating Divorce cases, whether pre-filing or already filed in court, requires a wide range of skills and knowledge. In addition to learning divorce mediation skills, participants learn about interpersonal dynamics, family systems, child development issues, parenting planning, taxes, property ...

How do I keep my mentally ill child (Now 18) from ...

What a hard question. But a good one. I would suggest you talk to your local law enforcement office. They should be able to either answer the question or point you to someone who can. I think it's a good idea onm your part.